COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion Review

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion Review

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cover Cushion – it is the second part of the package that I have received from StyleKorean for review purposes. Thank you so much guys for choosing me:)

cosrx clear fit blemish cushion


COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion Details:

15 g.

Price around $24.69

Clear Fit Cushion is a lightweight medium coverage foundation with SPF 47. Claims: not only covers but also treats and soothes troubled skin. It is a flawlessly designed cushion – black matte plastic, that unfortunately exposed to your fingerprints.


“1. Contains trouble care and soothing essences to treat sensitive skin all the while providing excellent coverage.
2. Provides perfect coverage to leave your skin looking flawless.
3. Trouble & Acne Scarring Coverage + Calming + Care.
4. Specialized for sensitive, acne-prone skin.
5. UV Protection SPF47/PA++”

The cushion comes in 3 shades: 21 bright, 23 natural and 27 deep. It was difficult for me to decide what shade to try, so I’ve decided to get 21. It has a yellow undertone, which is good if your skin has pimples, acne scars, rosacea or has a red undertone naturally.

cosrx clear fit blemish cushion


And guys, I was not expecting it at all, but my skin is lighter than 21 shade😂. So I have to use a little of bronzer to even the cushion with my skin. so I wish there was a 19 shade or something.

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion Key Ingredients:

 Centella Asiatica and Niacinamide

 I don’t know if it’s the cushion, but recently I had an issue with a new cleanser that broke my skin. So when I stopped using the cleanser and focused on the skincare and light coverage, the skin started to heal really fast.

cosrx clear fit blemish cushion


How to use:

“Apply lightly onto the face and pat for absorption using the enclosed puff.”

Final thoughts about COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion:

I’ve noticed when my skin was reddish and irritated, clear fit cushion covered all this mess, making the skin look perfect and not cakey at all.
The cushion itself is not pore-clogging or causing pimples, it is 1 in 2: a very good foundation with skincare. Results: skin is looking glowy and healthy, no redness, pimples have almost disappeared (finally!).

Easy to use and if you will add a splash or two of a mist would stay on your skin for 8-10 hours. I highly recommend it!

Where to find?

StyleKorean ($24.69)

Amazon ($24)

iHerb ($24)

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